Thursday, August 14, 2008

How much benadryl will it take?

I was doing stuff on the computer the other day when I turned around and found Emma asleep. It was 5:00. I thought "no way are you doing this to me at this hour" so I proceeded to wake her up. She was way more dopey than I thought she should be after what we had done that day. So I just tried to keep her up until 7:00. At bed time I had gone into my room when I noticed the benadryl bottle on my night stand...EMPTY. Click, click, click the pieces came together. Emma had taken the last 1/4 of the benadryl. No wonder she was so tired. When I called my mom to tell her that I now knew what dose it took to knock Emma out she asked me why I had given her that much. I told her "I didn't. She drank it in my room in the middle of the afternoon". I couldn't believe it. How she got the CHILDPROOF cap off is beyond me. Benadryl normally makes her hyper but I guess now I know what dose will knock her out right? Just kidding

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dodgers lost, we lose a tooth, and we have a pass out

We went to one of our favorite Dodger games recently. It is one where you got to watch a Celebrity game also. It is always a good time. What typically happens is you get to go on the field (before the regular game) and watch the celebrities play and you can run around in outfield. Then you get a watch the Dodgers play. Well this year the Dodgers played first and the celebrity game was after. We got tickets in the All You Can Eat Pavilion which was a lot of fun. All the foot long Dodger dogs you can eat plus popcorn, nachos, peanuts, soda and water. Because the Dodgers played first it ended up being a day game. Good thing we were in the All You Can Eat Pavilion because I think we drank our moneys worth that day. We were in outfield and had the sun blazing on us in the heat of the day. It was suppose to be 91 degrees that day (that is what it said when we checked but who knew that they do the temperature by the airport which is right by the ocean. Much much cooler over there then where Dodger Stadium is) so we were prepared for hot but not for HOT. It ended up being 115 degrees. That is a whole lot of HOT that we were not expecting. During the game Emma fell of the bench and of course fell right on a metal piece on the bench in front of us and nice big scape up her back. Also while we were watching the Dodgers play Tanner turned to me and his tooth that was a tiny bit loose now was a whole lot loose. He has a hard time getting teeth to come out so I told him how cool it would be to lose it while at Dodger Stadium. So he decided to play work on getting it out. 7th inning stretch came and went and he still hadn't lost the tooth. In the 9th inning he looks at me and says "mom it is out". We were all excited and I got my camera out and was taking a picture when all of a sudden someone falls on my lap. I look down and Emma is laying on my lap. I thought for a second that she was just playing around when it hit me she had passed out. We went from Tanner that is great laugh laugh high 5 to a oh my goodness and trying to throw my camera to someone before she fell off my lap. She came around pretty quick but what a scare. We took her down to the covered area and soaked her head with water and got some sugar in her to perk her up a bit. Mike wanted to leave but my worry was if she passed out again I didn't want to be in LA traffic. So we stayed there for awhile longer to make sure she was okay and close to the medical staff. The Dodgers lost and we didn't end up staying for much of the celebrity game Tanner wanted to play on the field a bit so we did that and left. What a day. Never a dull moment around here I tell you.

It has been too long

I know I haven't written in awhile. We have had company and have been having such a busy summer. I always though summer would be so much easier. Well I was wrong and I can't wait for school to start to have my schedule back. Anyways I am going to try to catch you up a bit on what we have been doing that past 1 1/2 months or so.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh it starts

We were at a birthday party last week and my friend Joy was telling me that her son had been really upset when he got in the car a few days before. She said that she put him off for a few minutes but he didn't let up. She finally asked "Ethan what is wrong." He says "Olivia is not my friend anymore." She said why not? He says "because she told me that she was going to marry Tanner and that he would be her husband and she would not let him play with me anymore but Tanner was my friend first." As Joy is telling me this I look over and Tanner is standing up against the tree (Olivia had put him there) and she told him he needed to stay there and she went off and played. Oh it starts. Joy and I died laughing. It was sooo funny.

Father's Day or Son Day

At church Tanner turns to me and says "mom today is Father's Day but why isn't it Sunday". I said "Tanner it is Sunday. You know that." He says "no it should be SON day today shouldn't it (and he pointed to himself)?" I started to laugh. He says "I think we should have a son day because there is Father's Day and Mother's Day." I said "that would be nice". He says "I want SON day to be Tuesday okay?" What a character

Why we love our dad

Before we gave Mike his father's day presents I asked the kids to say why they loved their dad. These are some of their responses.
I love you dad because you help me clean up my room--Emma
I love you dad because you take me to church--Emma
I love you dad because you give me kisses--Emma
I love to play the Wii with my dad and watch movies--Tanner
I love my dad because he plays with me--Tanner
I love my dad because he listens to our songs from Wicked--Tanner

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I never thought I would detest a letter in the alphabet

My little Emma is very cute, and inquisitive. She asks a lot of questions, which for the most part I really enjoy that she wants to learn. But lately when she asks a question after I have answered she turns to ask "Y". Once I have answered she again turns the question of "Y". There is no end to this. I could get back to the "and that is why the dirt was made" and she would still ask "Y". I have come to cringe a little when I know that it is coming. (It actually is kind of funny.) I was in the store the other day and we had been shopping for a couple of hours. So there had been plenty of "Y" questions that had been asked. I was getting to my "Y" question max. We were in the grocery store and it was "Y" are you buying those beets? Because we want to eat them. "Y"? Because they are good for us. "Y"? Because....... "Y"? Because...... and it continued. I finally said okay Emma enough. "Y" mom. A lady behind me started to laugh. I turned around and said I am a little tired of the "Y" questions and she continued to laugh. I thought that she must have had an Emma. And as we walked away Emma asked "Y" did that lady talk to you. And so in continues.